Lisa Schainker, Project Scientist

Associate Scientist
Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute
Ames, IA

Dr. Lisa Schainker has been involved with a number of different projects related to the implementation and evaluation of family-focused preventive interventions for young adolescents and their parents. She has been involved with the original PROSPER research project since 2005, assisting with scientific activities as well as providing evaluation-related technical assistance to field-related personnel. She has also been a co-investigator on two additional PROSPER-related research projects that involved implementation of the model in other states. As part of her role on these projects, she provided training and ongoing evaluation-related assistance to state evaluators and field staff to ensure that the PROSPER model was implemented with fidelity, EBIs were observed and implemented with quality and that data collected via monitoring activities were used appropriately. In addition to her work related to the PROSPER model, she has also served as the principal investigator of an NICHD-funded project that involved adapting the SFP 10-14 program to focus on parenting strategies and youth behaviors related to obesity prevention.

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