Cleve Redmond, Co-Project Investigator

Scientist and Associate Institute Director
Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute
Ames, IA

As co-investigator, associate director, and lead methodologist for the NIDA- funded research project (“Partnership Model for Diffusion of Proven Prevention”) evaluating the original PROSPER model since 2002, Dr. Cleve Redmond has extensive experience relevant to the currently proposed project. And more generally, he has extensive research experience in intervention evaluation, and in the evaluation of brief universal preventive interventions, such as the one to be delivered in the proposed project. Dr. Cleve Redmond also has served as the lead methodologist for two other long-term randomized controlled intervention trials, “Rural Youth and Family Competencies Building Project” and the “Rural Family and Community Drug Abuse Prevention Project,” involving co-investigator and associate director roles. Much of his work on the current project and other preventive intervention trials conducted at Iowa State University’s Partnerships in Prevention Science Institute has focused on the development of models examining intervention effect mechanisms and long-term intervention effects, including the examination of mediating and moderating factors.

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